Mint Chutney

Mint Chutney

Pudina Chutney is prepared in most of the homes regularly. This is so popular and common chutney. Mint has strong flavor. Mint is believed to be the best in treating stomach problems and tooth problems. Mint is used in toothpaste and also in mouth fresheners.

Hanson’s Mint Chutney guarantees you its delicious mouth watering taste and temptation in ethnic and oriental cuisines.

Mint Paste Bottle

Mint Paste


Mint chutney is great to serve with rice and ghee (clarified butter) or with cutlets and aloo tikkis. Spice up your vegetarian sandwiches with this chutney as a spread. Try this chutney on your burgers instead of mayonnaise or mustard – a great way to cut calories while enhancing flavor.

As it helps digestion, this is used in Biryani and in most of the masala to prepare gravies. Mint contains more iron and is recommended for anemic patients.

This cooling herb stimulates the senses and improves mood. As an infusion or tea, it aids digestion, treats colds, and cures hiccups. Its leaves can be used fresh or dried. However, if you use dried leaves, you should use one third of the amount you would use with fresh leaves. For example, one tablespoon of dried mint leaves is equivalent to three tablespoons of fresh mint leaves.

Other Benefits

Besides its wide industrial use in food stuffs such as ice-creams, chocolates etc., alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, medicines, inhalers and mouth and breathe fresheners, it is used as a condiment and decorative item in culinary world-wide. Menthol present in mint makes it an important component of many medicines and drugs. Drinks and food-stuffs containing mint cools you off in summer. One more peculiar property which is very much in contrary to its cooling and soothing effects is that it induces sweating if consumed in fever, thereby curing it. It is also beneficial in rheumatism.