Ginger Paste


Ginger Paste
Ginger Paste By Hanson Food

Ginger Paste

At Hanson’s, we use the handpicked ginger to ensure quality and finest pieces that needs to be crushed. Ginger is carefully handpicked and peeled as per the standards to avoid any unwanted aroma and texture. It best serves the purpose when it’s properly peeled and the best pieces are used to ensure full aroma and its effectiveness in the cuisine.


Hanson’s Ginger paste is used to add taste and aroma to the cuisine at your level of satisfaction. It gives a delicious taste to the food especially in Pakistani, Indian and South Asian dishes.

Ginger paste can be used as a rub or as a marinade. It can be used on red meat as well as white meat, but is most popular as a rub or marinade for all types of fish. As a rub or marinade for meat, poultry, or seafood, it not only serves as a flavor enhancer, but it also serves to tenderize the meat.

Add Hanson’s Ginger Paste the way you want your food to taste.