Garlic Paste


Garlic Paste

Garlic Paste By Hanson Food

Garlic Paste

At Hanson’s, we pick the best quality Pakistani garlic to process it for making the finest Garlic Paste, enriched with its Natural aroma and appealing texture to sooth the ethnic cuisines.

Pakistani garlic is considered as the most aromatic garlic in the world, cultivated in the rural areas of Sind, Punjab and the Northern areas. Characterized by its small size and strong aroma, gives the desired smell of fresh garlic and its whitish colored paste, most appealing for making Ethnic, continental and oriental dishes.


Hanson’s Garlic paste is a wonderful ingredient to keep on hand in your kitchen. Garlic paste makes a wonderful spread for bread or sandwiches. Use it to add rich flavor to soups, pastas, vegetable dips, or basted on meats.

Simple to add, garlic paste is heavily used in making Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Thai and Continental dishes. It is fundamentally added to give long lasting aroma to the cuisine.