Fried Onions


Fried Onions
Fried Onion By Hanson Food

Fried Onion Packet

Our Fried Onions are hygienically prepared made from original onions of finest quality.

Onion has very strong, distinctive taste, flavor, and fragrance. It has the amazing ability of enhancing your cooking to a very large extend. It works equally well when combined together in a dish or when used separately or individually in different dishes. Onion is usually used to provide thick, gravy like consistency to a dish or a presentation purpose.

Fried onions or French fried onions are a popular snack food or garnish accompaniment to various recipes, made from pan frying or deep frying onions thus preparing them in a manner similar to that of French fried potatoes.

Smaller and irregularly shaped (from being deep-fried until they are hard and crunchy) onions are an integral part of Green bean casserole. They are sold pre-prepared by some companies, for example Durkee and French’s French Fried Onions are brands sold in a paper canister. Large, often ring shaped batter coated deep-fried onions are often associated with fast food and casual dining. Examples include: onion rings and Blooming onion.